Heart Matters - Jennifer Uzri

Jennifer is a Licensed Practitioner Counselor Candidate with the State of Colorado. Besides her experience in the field of Psychology, she has attended numerous professional education seminars to offer you the best treatment possible. Included in this training are extensive skills in both group dynamics and individual therapy. She is trained in treating sexual addiction, as well as treating the issues that come with being the partner of an addict. She specializes in trauma resolution and is an EMDR trained therapist.

Jenni spent eight years counseling individuals and leading groups at Heart To Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs. Dr. Doug Weiss, a nationally renowned expert in treating sex addiction, has trained and consulted with Jenni as she led groups at his counseling center. She has been in private practice in Monument for six years. She is recognized as an expert in assisting partners of sexual addicts and helping those who struggle find relational fulfillment and personal empowerment. She is well-versed in relational boundaries and has exceptional abilities in assisting others as they implement appropriate boundaries in their relationships. Jenni has an extensive understanding and unique abilities in helping others deal with the frustration of being in relationship with those who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Her refreshing and empowering approach allows her clients to find practical and effective solutions to the issues they face. She has conducted classes in the following areas- Living with a Narcissistic Spouse, Parenting with Love and Logic, Finding Practical and Effective Personal Boundaries, Healing After Your Wife’s Infidelity, as well as Personal Financial Management.

You can contact Jenni by phone at 719-432-7696 or by email at Jenni@theheartmatters.org