Heart Matters - Kevin Uzri

Kevin graduated from Denver Seminary with a Masters Degree in Counseling and has been leading men’s groups since 2003. He spent the first four years leading groups at Heart to Heart under the supervision of Dr. Doug Weiss, a nationally renowned expert in the treatment of sexual addiction. His expertise is in the areas of sexual anorexia, intimacy aversion, sexual addiction, self esteem development, relationship boundaries, anxiety and depression issues as well as working with adolescents. Kevin has a keen understanding of men’s issues and combines his knowledge with compassion to help men work through life’s challenges with dignity. His approach allows for an environment where clients find safety, where they can talk openly and honestly. He is able to circumvent many of the walls that prevent true growth and help make sustainable changes in everyday life. Kevin is passionate about helping clients find knowledge of who they are and the inherent value that is in them.

Kevin and Jennifer also work together and offer a unique approach to marital therapy, where Kevin works with the husbands and Jennifer works with the wives individually and marital sessions are with all four. This offers continuity between individual and marital sessions and benefits from the individual strengths of both counselors.

You can contact me by calling 719-331-5989 or by email at Kevin@theheartmatters.org