Child Therapy at Heart Matters, Because Your Kids Matter

If you have clicked on this link, you have come to the right place.  A place where life can be drawn out instead of stuffed in.  A place where toys are turned into confidence.  A place where it is safe to feel and learn what to do with those feelings.

 When children experience loss, abuse or neglect of any kind they need the consistent support and protection of caring trusted adults in order to heal.  It has been said, “Our eyes are the window to our soul.”  The same can be said about our art.  As children and sometimes adults we don’t know how we feel about a certain thing but we can see a shape or a color about it.  Art therapy works in a way that is not forceful, allowing our mind to knit together the things that our mouths can’t speak.  Art therapy experiences and heals what is going on inside without having to relive the trauma.

Play therapy is another wonderful tool we use in therapy.  When children play with dolls they are building confidence in future life events.  Children pretend to bake because, as parents, that is how we have cared for them and they are reliving that.  When a child has experienced trauma or loss, play therapy can help to go back and say what they wanted to say or do what they felt like doing without hurting others.  Helping to heal their mind, body and spirit so they are able to be children again.

For many children, the way they are taught to face trauma is to grow up just to survive.  Here at Heart Matters, your child can learn to control anger, laugh again and smile at life! Not grow up to survive, but live a full childhood and prepare for adulthood. After all at Heart Matters, your kids matter.

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