Elyse Jacobson
Elyse Jacobson, MA, LPC, LAC

Elyse has been a professional counselor since 2001. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC). She has extensive training and experience with adolescents and young adults, which are her passions. She is trained in ACU-Detox, an acupuncture detoxification process, and EMDR, along with other trauma related techniques. She is a skilled trainer in Motivational Interviewing Training, adolescent development, developmental trauma, and suicide prevention.

She helps adolescents and adults better manage anxiety, depression, anger issues, PTSD, and substance use. She has a passion for helping her clients find their own voice and develop the tools to overcome life’s struggles. She uses individual, family, and group therapies to help her clients be empowered to find healing and achieve their personal goals. She has found that when her clients feel seen and safe, they are able to better explore what is needed to be successful personally and in relationships.

We at Heart Matters are thrilled to have such a talented and experienced therapist on our team to lead teens and young adults along their path for personal healing.

Elyse hopes working with her at Heart Matters Counseling can be that safe place for you. For an appointment contact her at Heart Matters at (719) 257-3488, or contact her directly by cell or text (719) 354-8257 or email Elyse@theheartmatters.org.