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Mike Pinkston, MA, LPC, QEEG-D 
Clinical Director



Patti Pinkston, MA, LPC



Samantha Lee, RPT



Stacey Hind, MA, LPC, NCC



Troy Lee, MSW, RPT




Jan Wilkenson

Jan Wilkenson, MA, LPC, NCC




Walt McClung

Walt McClung, MA, LPCC



Elyse Jacobson

Elyse Jacobson, MA, LPC, LAC




What Others are Saying…

  • “The counselors at Heart Matters ability to speak grace and truth as they walk alongside broken people has been a catalyst to freedom and changed lives.” Shannon Roth – Young Life, Colorado Springs
  • “The reason the therapists at Heart Matters counsel so well is they live what they counsel to others.” Kelly Williams – Senior Pastor of Vanguard Church, Colorado Springs
  • ”I know several therapists in my local community, but they lack the experience, skills and wisdom I have received from Mike at Heart Matters.” Former phone client from Ohio
  • “What Patti does with women from all walks of life is truly amazing. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and gifts as she helps the broken become whole.” Former Co-worker