Samantha is a Registered Psychotherapist who is committed to her own personal and professional development via continuing education such as seminars, classes and written material. She is certified in Motivational Interviewing and Neurofeedback. She has 7 years of experience in individual counseling and leading female addicts groups at Heart to Heart Counseling Center under the direct supervision of a nationally renowned expert in the treatment of sexual addiction. She has extensive knowledge and experience in working with women who suffer from a wide variety of addictions including food, sex, drugs, and addictions to people and attention. She is committed to helping her clients develop healthy relationships, boundaries and self-worth in a non-judgmental, accepting and encouraging environment.

Samantha has extensive knowledge and experience in the many aspects of parenting children with special needs, including caring for your marriage, addressing specific parenting issues and meeting the needs of the siblings. This life situation has its many rewards… and its many struggles and Samantha expertly helps her clients navigate through the vast array of feelings and challenges that come with having an ‘atypical’ family.

She is especially adept at guiding women into healing and restoration from trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment that often results in lack of boundaries, codependence, exhaustion, broken or toxic relationships, and hopelessness. In fact, she is so committed to facilitating healing and growth for all women who seek it that she currently conducts a very low-cost weekly women’s group therapy class on codependence and growing into maturity.

If you have tried over and over to lose weight but only get heavier, wonder why your relationships aren’t what you’d hoped they would be, feel unable to say no to others or if you just wonder if your life, your marriage or your relationships could be any better, the first step to healing is to call or text Samantha at Heart Matters (719) 257-3488, or directly by cell or text at (719) 660-1281, or email her at