Child Therapy

At Heart Matters, your kids matter.
When children experience loss, abuse or neglect of any kind they need the consistent support and protection of caring trusted adults in order to heal. For many children, the way they are taught to face trauma is to grow up just to survive. Here at Heart Matters, your child can learn to control anger, laugh again and smile at life! Not grow up to survive, but live a full childhood and prepare for adulthood. learn more…


When Your Heart Has Been Shamed…Living With Codependence
Codependence is one of those terms that is used freely, but without a unified concrete meaning shared by those using the word. At Heart Matters Counseling, we use the term as a way of describing a state of personal and interpersonal discomfort marked by a person’s inability to be in healthy relationship on three levels: 1. Spiritually (with a Higher Power), 2. Intrapersonally (with oneself), and 3. Interpersonally ( with others). The first two of these relational levels are foundational to the function of the third and are often overlooked as the primary issues to be addressed as problems arise in the relationships of couples, families and friends. Learn more…


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a revolutionary new method of doing psychotherapy. It has helped millions of people from all ages, backgrounds, and cultures resolve psychological distress.

Dr. Francine Shapiro, while treating Vietnam veterans in the late 80′s, discovered that the use eye movements can help lessen the intensity of disturbing thoughts. Numerous studies throughout the world have affirmed this phenomenon scientifically and found her theory to be extremely beneficial in treating the effects and symptoms of trauma, including, panic, anxiety, hopelessness, toxic shame, and many others recurrent problems. EMDR has developed and advanced through the help of many professionals all over the world. Learn More…

Partners of Sex Addicts

Does Your Heart Matter Too? Being the Partner of a Sex Addict…
Often it is the wife of the sex addict who recognizes his addiction first, but in her codependence she has learned not to believe in her perceptions about intimacy in their relationship. Often she has learned to ignore what she needs and wants in the relationship. It is like the proverbial story of the frog who is placed on the stove in cold water. As the water begins to heat up, the frog adapts to the temperature until it is boiled to death. Sex addicts are experts in deception and blame shifting. The shifts in relationship are often subtle, but over time begin to kill the relationship and the heart of their spouse. Learn more…

Sex Addicts

When Your Heart Doesn’t Matter… The Tragedy of Sexual Addiction
Sex addiction can be broadly divided into two major categories:
1. An addiction to disconnected sexual experiences with another person through affairs, prostitution, massage parlors etc. and,
2. An addiction to pornography in which a person masturbates to pornographic images or fantasies about pornographic images.
Sex addiction is a way some people compulsively medicate their feelings or life’s stresses to the degree that their sexual behavior becomes their major coping mechanism. Learn more…